Saturday, July 23, 2011

Cute in the Kitchen: Anthropologie Aprons

A co-worker today brought up Anthropologie aprons, and I have quickly convinced myself I "need" one. How cute are these? You can see the entire collection *here* on the Anthropologie website.

Growing Season Apron: $32

Cuisine Couture Apron: $32

Plate Presentation Apron: $32

Trousseau Apron: $38

I can only assume from my experience with other Anthropologie clothing/other products that the aprons are probably a pretty good quality and absolutely worth $32... assuming you usually cook with things that can be washed out (e.g. not something that would require bleaching). Do you know anyone who owns an Anthropologie apron and would recommend it? I'm strongly considering buying one!

1 comment:

  1. I own one and I love it ! Super cute ! I would reccomend washing it cold water if you can hand wash it mine shrank a bit :[ but still cute and usuable !