Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Spinach Caprese Omelettes

I might be mildly obsessed with fresh mozzarella. Maybe it started when I read somewhere that it was one of the best cheeses for you. Maybe when I had that Caprese Chicken Sandwich at Red Robin like two months ago. I don't really know... but what I do know is that the other day, seemingly out of nowhere, I got a craving for a Caprese Omelette. I didn't even know if this was a real thing or not, though I figured someone somewhere had done it before.

We meant to buy Basil at Whole Foods to make it legitimate, but we forgot. I'm not complaining, I'm obsessed with Spinach and was more than happy to use that as a substitute!

Eggs (2 or 3 per omelette, your choice)
Fresh Mozzarella
(You can buy it at the store as seen above, in the cute little balls.)
Tomatoes of your choice
Spinach or Basil
Olive Oil

Seasonings of your choice- I used an Italian blend with Oregano, Basil, and some others, and then salt and pepper.


Start by prepping all of your ingredients so you're ready to go when the egg goes in. I just gave the spinach a basic chopping so it wasn't so big, diced the tomatoes, and cut the mozzarella balls in half.

Take your eggs and add a splash of milk and a few dashes each of the seasonings you are using. Amounts here really don't need to be specific... if in doubt just use a little and you can always add more salt/pepper to taste after it's cooked. Whisk egg, milk, and seasoning together.

In a small skillet (remember your omelette will be half the size of the skillet, and the thickness will depend on how far the egg spreads out) drizzle just enough olive oil to cover the pan and let it cook down for a few minutes or until it starts to bubble on medium low heat.

Pour in the egg mixture and let it sit until it starts to become opaque around the edges. When this starts to happen (pictured below) and you can get your spatula under the egg, lift up as much of the cooked part as possible and tip the pan so the runny egg on top can get under the cooked part. Continue to do this until very little uncooked egg is left on top. At this point it's much easier to flip to let it cook just a little bit on the other side.

Add your ingredients to one half of the omelette. (I recommend using a good amount of tomato to keep it a little juicy.) I put the ingredients on the thinnest half if there is a difference and put the cheese down first so it has more of an opportunity to melt. At this point flip the other half of the omelette over onto the ingredients, and hold down with the spatula for a minute. You can use your judgement to take it off when the cheese seems to have started to melt and the spinach or basil is starting to wilt.

Turn the heat off and slide the omelette onto your plate and you're good to go!


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