Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Food Frenzy: Avocado

It is official. I am full blown obsessed with avocados. It blows my mind that I had never really even given them a chance until 2010's Super Bowl when I tried my friend Betsy's guacamole. Slowly but surely I fell in love with guac, and anything it came on. I have now progressed to Avocados and ANYTHING I can put them on. Sandwiches, check. Taco salad, check. Makeshift guacamole, check. Nachos, check. Next up I want to try something a little crazier like putting them into some stir fry or doing some kind of vegetable/seafood salad or something with them.

If you have ANY suggestions for great recipes involving Avocado, send 'em my way! It doesn't hurt that they have all sorts of health benefits either. (Heart health, lower cholestrol, eye health, potential cancer prevention... can't argue with that!) ;-)

Spinach Taco Salad chock-full of carrots, onions, tomatoes, and a heaping helping of avocado chunks!

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