Thursday, November 5, 2009

We'll Start It Off Simple: Taco Salad!

Granted this isn't any WILD recipe, and overall you really just follow the directions on any packet of Taco Mix, but this one is a weeknight staple at our apartment, and SO easy to make.

I usually throw a few twists onto the basic recipe to spice it up/make it a little healthier. It's really quick and easy to dice up some onions to throw in, which also adds a little more flavor. I usually do about a half a cup, or a little less, depending on how much meat you plan on making. I also usually cut up some carrots by slicing baby carrots into half and then quartering those halves (One baby carrot should yield 8 cut pieces of carrot).

I add both the onion and the carrots AFTER I've browned the meat, when you add the water and seasoning, and let it cook for a little longer than the packet says. If you cut the carrots thin enough they shouldn't have any problem cooking through and often even blending right in with the meat.

If we're making 2 pounds of meat to have leftovers (GREAT food for leftovers- easy to store/reheat and doesn't taste any different the next day!) we usually do one packet of Original Taco Mix and one packet of Hot and Spicy, but I've found that if just using the one packet of Hot and Spicy it can get a little TOO hot. If I'm just doing a pound, I'll usually use Original and throw some red pepper flakes into it to kick it up a little.

One other spin we usually put on the typical Taco Salad at our house is using Spinach instead of lettuce. More nutrients, and I personally am a huge fan of Spinach!!!!

We usually keep it pretty simple beyond that and just throw corn chips (the $1 brand from Kroger, usually), a little bit of shredded Mexican cheese, and then ranch and taco sauce. Obviously you can put whatever you want on top, but all in all it's a pretty cheap and easy thing to make and really doesn't take very long!

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  1. ooooh, I'm having this for dinner tonite-true story, I've already got some ground turkey in the fridge ready to go. And guess what???? I'm using spinach in mine too!